Keeping Active and IndependentIf you or your organization is looking for a speaker on older adult physical activity and exercise, Jill may be just what you are looking for. She has a strong background in educating and inspiring older adults to move more and sit less. Her positive ability to motivate, along with her fun energy, can help transform anyone from a sedentary lifestyle into a more active one. Jill is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker that takes a creative approach as she introduces new and exciting topics. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy interactive demonstrations along with group participation. Your group or organization can schedule an inspiring presentation that is sure to encourage everyone to keep moving and be active.

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“She is such a motivating speaker that she even inspired my mom and I to start an exercise program. Her knowledge and fitness expertise is excellent.” - Kathy W.

Keeping Active and IndependentKeeping Active and Independent

Simple ways to Encourage Physical Activity

Many limitations that you experience, may have nothing to do with aging but rather with inactivity. You will have the opportunity to learn how physical activity and exercise can make a difference and affect the way you function. Jill has specific expertise in the area of exercise training for older adults, to reduce probability of falls, improve function and increase independence. Whether you are looking for information for yourself or a loved one, now is the perfect time to learn simple ways to “move” better.

“Thanks for an outstanding presentation! Jill brings lots of enthusiasm and passion and provides a wealth of great information that I can definitely use.” - Theresa J.

Speaking EngagementsResistance Bands for Strength Training

As we try to maintain muscular strength, resistance bands are an amazing fitness tool! These bands can be easily modified to fit your exercise needs, they are inexpensive, portable, and versatile. Learn about the benefits of both upper and lower body strength training, the different types of resistance bands, and how resistance programs can improve balance. Ready to give it a try? You will have the opportunity to participate in a chair based resistance band routine. Stay active and independent as muscular strength is essential for performing everyday activities.

Functional AgeFunctional Age – Are You Younger or Older – Than You Think?

A person’s chronological age is, at best, only a rough guideline of what their “functional age” or physical capabilities are. Maintaining your functional fitness– the ability to perform everyday tasks such as negotiating curbs, stairs, and doing household chores – does not happen by luck or accident. Discover some basic movements that can improve your strength, mobility, balance, and how fitness assessments can measure your physical attributes of everyday activities.

Fitness Training for Brain Health

While we know that exercise is good for the body, did you know that it is also good for the brain? Exercise is one of the best ways to boost and retain your memory. Discover how the combination of physical and mental exercises done together can help keep the brain healthy. Even simple arrangements of physical movements and mental activities can help improve memory concentration. You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun and exciting activities that can help improve your fitness and your mental alertness.

DIY (Do it Yourself) Functional Fitness for Active Aging

Are you ready to get moving? DIY (Do It Yourself) Functional Fitness is a movement program that uses simple household items to improve your strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility at little or no cost. Discover how a plastic bottle, towel, broom stick, and other objects can help increase your physical function. These innovate exercises are a great way to help you perform normal activities of daily living so that you are able to do the things that you love to do every day. You can be your own personal trainer!

FIT Fitness In-home Training – Instruction Program

You will receive the instruction on how to use either a resistance band or a resistance ball. Improve your strength in your ams and legs as you discover how to stay independent and move better. This workshop is always FREE when you purchase the F.I.T (Fitness In-home Training) bag which includes: a SPRI resistance ball OR a Theraband, 7 large laminated instruction cards, 2 card holders, and in instruction sheet.

Keeping your Parents Active & Independent

The workshop is designed for you and your parents to attend together. This is a great opportunity to learn how physical activity and exercise can make everyday activities easier to perform. Bring your mom and dad and learn a variety of movement activities along with the 8 FUNctional exercises that are included in the book - Keeping Your Parents Active & Independent. Jill is the best-selling author who provides workshops and training to older adults on fitness and exercise throughout the country. The instruction she provides can help give you and your parents the confidence to move forward toward better health. Jill is sure to encourage everyone to move more and sit less.