Zoom Classes

Zoom ClassesWith so many places closed, it may be tempting to lounge on the couch all day. However, the very act of being sedentary comes with many negative health implications. Join a virtual exercise class or personal training program - stay strong, be safe, build your immune system, and maintain your independence.

LIVE Exercise Classes


If you are looking for your members to reconnect or have limited access to exercise programs, Forward Fitness is for you. These fun virtual exercise classes run for 50 minutes and have a 10-minute social chat at the end of each session. Select a group exercise class, day, and time.

LIVE Personal Training


Being housebound can take a toll on your physical and mental health. A virtual one-on-one personal training program is a great way to make dramatic improvements in strength, balance, and functional mobility, as well as on your mental well-being. The initial virtual session begins with discussing yours goals and health status. Each 40-minute class also includes an in-home weekly assignment to keep you moving and a weekly call to assure you are staying on track.

Zoom Class Workout Band
LIVE Personal Training special offer

FREE mini exercise band for lower body training and a 5ft Thera-band for upper body training.