Personal Training

Personal TrainingHave you ever thought of getting a personal trainer? Whether it’s for improving function to stay independent or learning a new exercise to maintain an active lifestyle, a personal trainer may be just what you need. We provide you with a certified fitness professional and Functional Aging Specialist that will accommodate your specific needs and challenges.

Each session provides a variety of equipment and instruction that can help improve strength, balance, mobility, stability, flexibility, range of motion, memory, and so much more. A personal trainer will give you the support you need to work efficiently and safely for optimal results.

Personal training is available in the comfort of your own home. This is a great benefit for those individuals who may have difficulty leaving their house due to injury or illness. Personal training is also offered at a private personal training studio.

One-on-One Personal TrainingOne-on-One Personal Training

You will begin with a consultation with your trainer. You will have the opportunity to review health history, examine limitations, and to discuss objectives. Receive a personalized fitness assessment to assist with customizing your personal exercise program. Your personal trainer will be working directly with you to help you reach your goals, stay on track, and keep you motivated. This continued support and encouragement is sure to help improve function and independence.

Small Group Fitness TrainingSmall Group Fitness Training

The small group training has been gaining popularity. This is a great way of making the personal training experience more accessible and affordable. The group dynamics can keep the class fun while still receiving the benefits of a supervised class. Learn new and exciting exercises to help regain strength and to become more functional.