F.I.T. - Fitness In-home TrainingF.I.T. (Fitness In-Home Training)

I saw a need need for older adults to develop muscle strength, mobility, and balance and have easy access to simple but effective strength training exercises. F.I.T. is geared toward those individuals who are at a low fitness level and at a high risk for falls. To help ensure safety and success, I created an easy to follow introductory exercise program that gives confidence and the tools to get started.

There are two resistance programs to help strengthen the arms and legs:

  1. Resistance Ball F.I.T. Program
  2. Resistance Band F.I.T. Program


Each F.I.T. kit includes:

  • A Ball or Band
  • 6 Exercises For Upper Body Strength
  • 6 Exercises For Lower Body Strength
  • One Bonus Card
  • 2 Exercise Card Holder
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Storage Bag

The best part about the F.I.T. program, is that you do not need to complete the exercises all at once. Begin by selecting just two exercises for the day and do them at your convenience.