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Client ReviewsHear what our clients have to say! We are extremely grateful for all of the wonderful feedback we have received below.

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"I can’t thank Jill enough for the last 6 weeks, in Functional Living Everyday Exercises. I have been going to a gym and have taken many programs since 1990. This class has helped me the most! I now can get up from a chair without holding on to something. I sure would take this class again. Thank you again."

Pat Ryan

"Jill is a top–notch instructor who brings her caring demeanor and expertise to each class. We learn a variety of easy to learn exercises to maximize mobility and enhance balance to minimize injury and falls. The atmosphere is always welcoming and supportive. Everyone is encouraged to do their personal best. I leave each class feeling energized! My joints feel so much better! Who could ask for more?!"

Patricia H

"Jill Bronsky - I have completed her Forward Fitness Class at the Orchard Park Recreation Center. I need to say I am sad the class is ended. I so enjoyed her humor, her extensive knowledge, and her ability to make the class enjoyable and special. She made sure that we never did the same thing twice, so it was always interesting and challenging. Ideally, I would love to do her class three times a week; I think all seniors – and anyone else – would find her class helpful and stimulating. She carefully took us through the various workouts, patiently and with care making sure that we didn’t injure ourselves. Thank you Jill!"

Mary Adamczak

"I always look forward to exercising with Jill. She knows what she’s doing and she’s good at what she does. It’s the best class ever and I make sure that I keep coming back."

Norma M

"My husband and I belong to the Orchard Park Senior Center. When a new exercise class called Forward fitness was offered, we decided to try it as it was highly recommended by our Director. We were so pleasantly surprised and loved the class and Jill our teacher. She taught us so much about balance and fitness for someone our age. She also taught us about the proper way to do certain moves so as to prevent falls and injuries and showed us so many new fitness moves. We Loved her personality, which was always encouraging and made everything fun! The music was an added bonus as she played all the oldies that got us moving. Thank you Jill for our fun workouts!"

Tom & Kathleen P

"I have a form of Parkinson’s and find that Jill’s class has really helped me in my everyday activities. Overall I am feeling better and even find some pain relief."

Ed M

"After having surgery to have both knees replaced, I realized my dancing days were over. What I didn’t expect was the effect it would have on my stability and how difficult it would be for me to get up from a chair. This past year, I had the opportunity to attend Jill’s exercise classes. We worked on a variety of sitting-to- standing exercises. I never realized that there were exercises available that could help me get out of the chair. I always attend classes and practice these moves at home almost every day. Getting out of the chair has gotten so much easier."

Peter G

"I like Jill’s class better than any other I have taken. There’s lots of diversity in the kinds of exercises we do and they keep my knees moving more. I also like the comradery of the group."

Inge M

"Just a note to let you know how very much I’ve enjoyed your 6-week Forward Fitness one-hour class at my Senior Center. In all my 50+ years of various exercises programs, have I ever had such a great instructor! Your knowledge, enthusiasm and fun personality make it such a great experience. Now that I’m a true senior and almost 73 yrs. old next month, I’ve appreciated your planning of completely different exercises each week that are related to senior issues and I so enjoyed your varied obstacle courses. Your classes have helped me manage and improve my everyday routine."

Fran S

"Thanks for all your updates and for all the help you have given my mother. The exercise has improved her quality of life and made her safer from falls and injuries. My mother is safer now because she can move better and her balance has improved. I know that doesn’t cross her mind but it sure crosses mine."

Susan S

"My friends can’t believe it! For over 3 years, I used a cane. Finally! I now walk without a walking device and I no longer need help getting out of a chair. I feel so healthy and young that I decided to put a purple streak in the front of my hair – I just want to have fun! I “blame” Jill’s exercise classes for improving my balance and getting my strength back. I feel great!!"

Ellen C

"Ever since you started working with my mom, I can see improvement in my her balance, transferring and walking. She is also is much less tentative in her transferring. Every time I visit my mother, we talk about you and I praise her for her progress and what a good job she is doing. It puts a big smile on her face."

Lynn S

"After many months being at home, I knew I had to start doing something- my balance was getting worse. The first few weeks of classes, I needed my cane to go through the obstacle course. By the end of the 6 -weeks, I felt more confident and started taking on the obstacle course without using my cane. I wish I knew about this course years ago. Jill and the activities we do in class has helped me and has made a huge difference in my life. I even go home and practice some of the things we did in class - what a difference!"

Dorothy R

"I take Jill’s class because I know how important it is to maintain my mobility. I really like Jill – she is very personable, very gentle. Jill helped me raise my arm and I now have more range of motion in my right shoulder. I never miss a class."

Terry C

"I had just retired as a sports administrator from a local college and my wife, and I were planning on traveling. My plans changed as I was left recovering from two ruptured discs and three fused vertebrae’s. I had been active my entire life and now the procedure left me with limited mobility and a dropped foot. After several months of physical and occupational therapy, I was looking for options to replace the walker I had become so dependent on. My wife contacted Jill and she knew right away that trekking poles would be the way to go. I began using the trekking poles and never looked back. Besides giving me a sporty look, they assisted my balance, gave me stability, and allowed me the opportunity to maneuver around. I was dealt another set-back when I injured my back again and needed a second surgery. This time, it was more severe and even more challenging as both of my feet were affected. Once again, after a year-long rehabilitation period, I was looking forward to getting back to my trekking poles. I am independent and can come and go as I please. The trekking poles have been a game changer and I could not imagine my life without them. This summer my goal was to walk one-mile with my trekking poles and I did it!!"

Paul B

"Thank you for all you have done to help with my Mom and slowing the progression of her physical decline. I know you have been a tremendous help to my Mom and she would have declined even more if you hadn’t been part of her life."

Mary R

"Jill knows what she’s talking about. Her classes are fun and exciting. I have gotten better getting off a chair and stand straighter. I can even do a little dancing."

Wally W

"Thanks Jill. My mother is steady on her feet even when she is taking small steps. Her transferring is still much better than it was before she worked with you. My mother likes you and the exercise is good for her emotionally as was as physically. It’s been so nice not to get the middle of the night phone calls telling me my mother has fallen."

Kathy P