Speaking EngagementsIf you or your organization is looking for a speaker on older adult physical activity and exercise, Jill may be just what you are looking for. She has a strong background in educating and inspiring older adults to move more and sit less. Her positive ability to motivate, along with her fun energy, can help transform anyone from a sedentary lifestyle into a more active one. Jill is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker that takes a creative approach as she introduces new and exciting topics. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy interactive demonstrations along with group participation. Your group or organization can schedule an inspiring presentation that is sure to encourage everyone to keep moving and be active.

“She is such a motivating speaker that she even inspired my mom and I to start an exercise program. Her knowledge and fitness expertise is excellent.” - Kathy W.

Keeping Active and Independent
Keeping Active and Independent

Many limitations you may begin to experience may have nothing to do with aging bur rather with inactivity.

Learn how physical activity and exercise can make a difference in your health and well-being and affect the way you function. By simply boosting your level of activity and increasing movement can help improve your daily life. You are never too old and it is never too late to start an exercise program.

Whether you are looking for information for yourself or a loved one, this the perfect opportunity to learn simple ways to “move” toward better health.

“Thanks for an outstanding presentation! Jill brings lots of enthusiasm and passion and provides a wealth of great information that I can definitely use.” - Theresa J.

Functional FitnessFunctional Fitness

Research is very clear that the aging process can be positively impacted by the right kinds of exercises. Learn how functional fitness exercises can help in everyday activities to improve mobility and maintain independence. Just by participating in movement patterns that mimic activities of daily life can help enhance confidence and functionality. You have a lot of control over how you age. Class participation is encouraged – be sure to wear your sneakers.

PresentationsBetter Balance

Balance is a fundamental part of everyday life that most of us take for granted. But when the fear of falling becomes so great, it can restrict daily activities and even lead to a significant quality of life issues for most older adults. Learn how to prepare for changes that come with age and how incorporating exercise can help maintain and improve balance and coordination. One of the best ways to maintain good balance with age is to stay active.

Functional Age – Are You Younger – or Older – Than You Think?

A person’s chronological age is, at best, only a rough guideline of what their “functional age” or physical capabilities are. Maintaining your functional fitness– the ability to perform everyday tasks such as negotiating curbs, stairs, and doing household chores – does not happen by luck or accident. Discover some basic movements that can improve your strength, mobility, balance, and how fitness assessments can measure your physical attributes of everyday activities.